CNC Vertical Machining Centre
Series VN

VN Series is composed by linear guides and box ways machines, with belt drive, direct drive and in the bigger models even with a 2 speed ZF gear box. This wide range lets to every customer to choose the best solution, with the more suitable set-up to solve every working problem.

For complex and 3D machinings, VN Series offers their new 5 Axis models. Dia. 350 and 500 mm rotary and tilting tables are directly fitted on the saddle and they are perfectly integrated in the working area. Every customer can have the maximum flexibility to machine different and complex parts. Due to the CNC advanced programming system on board, the Heidenhain i-TNC530 CNC lets to the operator to easily program every workpiece.

Drilling and Tapping Centres Serie TV

The structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, rib reinforced and stress released to assure it remains deformation-free year after year. Three axes slideways are mounted with precision linear ways. Extra large span between ways. High feed rate and superior stability. Servo motor directly drives ballscrew, featuring high positioning accuracy without backlash problem.

TV 5 – TV 6 – TV 7

  • Standard spindle speed 8,000 min-1
  • Optional spindle speed 10,000 – 12,000 – 15,000 min-1
  • Rigid tapping 4,000 min-1
  • Spindle nose tapper BT-40/BT-30
  • 3 Axis rapid traverse X,Y: 48m/min. Z:48 (60) m/min.
  • Fully enclosed heat isolated electric cabinet(with heat exchanger)
  • High speed ATC system, T-T: 1,4 sec.(BT 30)
  • Directly coupled spindle drive system
CNC Travelling Column machining centres
Serie NX
  • Full travelling column,it moves two directions in front/rear and left/right.
  • BT-40, 8.000/10.000/12.00/15.000 rpm direct drive spindle,
  • 30/48/60 m/min. rapid traverse rate.
  • Moving control box offers convenient operation to operator.
  • The fixed table is capable of heavier workpiece load, causing the machine floor space just1/2 of other types of machines.
  • Long table suits long workpiece machining.
  • Comprehensive chip disposal devices make machine ideal for machining steel cast iron and alluminium alloy.
  • Low table height design meets human-engineering theorem, allowing convenient workpiece loading and unloading and easy close workpiece watching by the operator.
  • THK linear guide ways on X/Y/Z axes.
  • Linear guide ways are in rear side without bearing workpiece and table weights, hence they bear average weight and their abrasion is small. Their life can be long.
  • A removable center shutter divides the working area in two symmetric zones, giving to the customer the possibility to machine tifferent workpieces reducing the APC time and increasing productivity.
Universal 5 Axis machining centres
Serie FLEX
  • In these Universal 5 Axis Machining Centers, the column moves in three directions: right/left for X Axis, front/rear for Y Axis and up/down for Z Axis.
  • Choice of Spindle Speeds BT-40 from 10.000 RPM to 20.000 RPM.
  • 42 m/min. rapid traverse on X – Y – Z Axis.
  • In the Flex – W Series the fixed table, that holds the workpieces with heavy weights, is placed side by side with the big tilting and rotary table, for 3D complicated parts machining, causing the machine floor spacing just ½ of other types of machines with the same Axis travels.
  • Comprehensive chip disposal inside the working area makes these. Machining Centers ideal for working different materials. From stainless steel to cast iron and aluminum alloys.
  • Projected and designed to achieve the minimum floor space, without:
  • compromises in rigidity and precision.
  • Germany Rexroth linear guide ways on X – Y – Z Axis.
  • 3 Axis linear guide ways are in the upper part of the machine, far from working area without bearing workpieces and table weights, hence they bear average weights and their abrasion is small. Their life can be long.
  • The 32 chain tool magazine is located on the left part of the machine and in the Flex – W Series a second 32 chain tool magazine can be added in the right part of the machine, so to better manage any workpiece’s machining located in the two working areas
  • In the Flex – W Series can be added even a center shutter, which divides the working area in two parts living to any customer the possibility to work different workpieces improving machining efficiency and increasing Machine’s flexibility.