CNC Turning Centers
Serie ST

Strong flat bed structure with a 30° inclination slide matched together. Both in Meehanite Cast Iron and both hardened and ground. All moving components covered by Turcite-B for the best sliding movements and for the best positioning precision. Due to this exceptional structure the chips removal is obtained without any problem. The wide box ways allow to make the most heavy turning operations. A super professional boxways scraping allows a perfect slides lubrication and, consequently, a perfect axis positioning. The machine’s performance is –in this way– ensured for any job.

MODELS: ST 15;  ST-15 (MC);  ST-20;  ST-20 (MC) – CNC Fanuc Oi-T 

CNC Turning Centers CNC
Series TT

Y axis with ± 50 mm travel is today available on TT CNC Lathes Series to make complex turning, milling, drilling jobs on the main and subspindle in combination with the live tools and the C axis. Y axis is also very useful in turning operations with multiple tools fitted on the turret to reduce the turret rotation time and increasing the machine’s productivity. Y axis travel is obtained with the simultaneous movement of 2 independent slides. This project ensures the cutting forces distribution and an exceptional rigidity and precision. All spindles are assembled with the head and the high precision bearings in a special location with constant temperature and high precision instruments. The machine’s frame is made in Meehanite Cast Iron to avoid any problem of bending and to absorb the cutting forces. The machine’s boxways are hardened and extremely precision ground to avoid the materials tensions, the boxways hardness is HRC 53. In this way TT series completely satisfies the high quality and high precision market. even in hard working conditions. On the boxways is fitted the anti-friction material Turcite-B to ensure the smooth axis movements even in hard working conditions.

On TT CNC Lathes Series is possible to have – combined with the main spindle – also a built-in subspindle. Axis C1 and C2 allow a precision angular positioning at 0,015° to be able to execute tridimensional jobs. Cylindrical and prismatic workpieces machined with the axis interpolation can be made without any difficulty. The perfect syncronization between spindle and subspindle at any speed allows the transfer of workpieces between them. The possibility to make 1st and 2nd working operations increase the machine’s performances.
Turret has an high dimensioned Curvic Coupling and an hydraulic or electrical rotation device. Regulation by cams ensures an exceptional indexing precision. Turret disc is available for 8/10/12 turning stations. It’s easy to maintain and it’s extremely reliable. Its toughness is very important to have the tools always in the same position without any alignment problem.

SERIES TT 30 E SERIE TT 20 – CNC Fanuc Oi-T e 18i-T

Centro di tornitura CNC
Serie TT Heavy

Questa serie di macchine  eseguono lavorazioni pesanti su pezzi di elevate dimensioni. Utilizzando il Metodo degli Elementi Finiti (FEM), è stato creato il design ideale di una struttura macchina, la cui eccezionale rigidità non ha confronti con nessun’altra macchina sul mercato.
La gamma include diversi modelli con differenti lunghezze di tornitura (fino a 3.500 mm) ed è perfetta quindi per la lavorazione anche di pezzi lunghi. Un’ampia apertura delle porte frontali facilita la movimentazione del materiale. È possibile utilizzare lunette autocentranti (opzione), con le quali è consentita e facilitata la lavorazione di alberame in tutte le sue forme e dimensioni. Possono essere montati anche autocentranti idraulici di grandi dimensioni per un’ottimale serraggio dei pezzi da lavorare.

I Torni TAI-TECH sono dotati di una grande torretta per coprire un’ampia gamma di pezzi da lavorare. Il bloccaggio degli utensili direttamente sul disco torretta tramite bulloni (BOLT-TON), conferisce agli stessi utensili una rigidità superiore, che si traduce in una decisa prestazionalità in lavorazione. È possibile avere anche la torretta motorizzata (opzione), che permette all’utilizzatore operazioni di foratura, maschiatura e fresatura di pezzi complessi in un unico piazzamento.

Il motore degli utensili motorizzati da 11/7,5 KW consente lavorazioni pesanti e uniche nella sua categoria.

MODELLI: TT 400; TT600

CNC Vertical Lathes Series VERTIX e VERTIX HEAVY

The TAI-TECH Vertical Lathes use a big Turret to make any turning operation. The tool clamping is made by Bolts directly on the Turret disc, giving to them a superior rigidity and it means
a very powerful machining capability. On VERTIX series it’s also possible to mount the live tools (option) so to complete any other machining as drilling, tapping and milling with an unique fixture. The very powerful drive motor allows heavy cutting without any problem.
In relation of the customer needs, the CNC operation panel can be turned 90° so to let any program correction easier and safe.

Once again our Project Engineers worked very hard until the beginning and finally they realized this series of CNC Vertical Lathes. Using the FEM analysis they optimized the ribbing and have been able to create the best design of this machines, whose excellent rigidity has no comparision with no other similar Vertical Lathe on the market. The VERTIX serie includes different models with different turning diameters (max. 750 mm,) and it’s perfect for heavy cutting of large
parts such as rings, flanges, gears and car and industrial wheels. A wide opening of the front door allows easy loading and unloading operations. The very powerful spindle motor, thanks to a pack of belts, moves the main chuck, which is responsible of clamping of the workpieces. The
chart Torque-Power of the spindle motor allows the utilization of all the power even at low speed so to let any machining possible with no fear with our TAI-TECH Vertical Lathes.

MODELS: VERTIX 450 – 550 – 750

MODELS: VERTIX HEAVY 1250 – 1600 – 2000 (MC)